Update: Who wants to take class from Carla?
Although  the Academy of Classical Ballet lost its lease and moved out June 30, 2017, artistic director Carla Parks is contemplating renting space at the Arvada Grange (7201 N. Simms St.) to continue offering classes.  The Grange offers a beautiful old naturally-sprung wood floor.

Prior to committing, Carla needs to know if there are enough students interested.  Please call or text her at 303-877-4686.

Please check back for updates.

( a letter to present and past students from Carla)

Matt - Briana

Structured movement is one of mankind's most primal urges.  Channeling it into a discipline such as ballet stimulates creativity, imagination, and freedoms gained only through movement.  The regimented structure of ballet also fosters respect and a sense of history, while teaching advanced motor skills, rhythm, coordination, and flexibility.

For more than 40 years, the Academy of Classical Ballet has been training dancers of all ages to be the best they can be, using teaching techniques that respect anatomy, emphasize correct alignment and posture, and avoid injuries caused by improper practices such as forced turnout.

The philosophy of the Academy of Classical Ballet is to allow each student to advance at their own pace, respecting the students' ages and abilities, in an atmosphere of encouragement, discipline, and warmth.

Performance is a valuable part of every dancer's education, and all students have the opportunity to perform in the two classical ballets mounted each year by the school.

In addition to the children's curriculum which allows students as young as four to work on basic ballet movement and continuing through advanced classes, a unique feature of the Academy of Classical Ballet is our fully featured adult dance program.  Beginning and continuing students of all ages are welcomed.  You're never too old to take your place at the barre.  Adult students have the opportunity to learn partnering, pointe work, men's technique, and to appear in the two annual performances.

Our studio home is specifically designed for ballet, with a beautiful sprung floor overlaid with a marley dance surface, barres at different heights to accommodate dancers of different heights, lots of mirrors, high ceilings, and spacious men's and women's dressing rooms.

Feel free to contact artistic director Carla Parks at 303-420-5613 for further information.

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