A letter from Carla

June 5, 2017

To All My Loyal, Dedicated, Faithful Students:

I have agonized over how to tell you that the studio will be closing the end of June. 
Classes will be held through Session 6 (May 29 –June 24). Please come to class.. Teaching ballet is, and always will be, my passion. For 37+ years, I have loved teaching each and every one of you. It is my fervent hope that I will find another place to continue following my passion – and that you will follow me.

I did not make this decision lightly. Three major factors influenced this decision. 1) The Landlord wants lease conditions(rent mostly) to which I cannot commit. I also feel the need for a different location. 2) Continuing decrease in enrollment. No matter my efforts (social media, Community outreach to elementary schools, pre-schools, Group-on, website, Facebook, etc.), enrollment continues to decrease. 3) My infrastructure keeps collapsing (teaching staff, publicists, etc). 

I am taking the summer off to recuperate and renew my energy. Volunteers are already looking for another space. I will keep you informed.

Let us look forward to a better space and a happy new beginning.

Passionately yours, 
Carla Parks

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