Dress Code

CHILDREN’S CLASSES; pre-ballet, ballet prep, and levels I & II

Girls– Pink leotard, classical pink tights, and pink ballet technique shoes 

Boys– White fitted T-shirt or tank top, black tights, black or white ballet technique shoes. 
Boys 11 and older need to wear a dance belt under their tights

TEEN/ADULT CLASSES; beginning through advanced 

Girls/Women – Leotard (any color), classical pink tights, pink technique or pointe shoes (depending on ability and teacher permission)

Boys/Men – Fitted T-shirt or tank top, black tights, dance belt, black or white ballet shoes 

Form fitting dancewear allows maximum freedom of movement while allowing the teacher to check the dancers’ bodies for proper placement and alignment.

Legwarmers and other warm-up clothing must be removed following barre.
Ballet skirts are strongly discouraged, but if worn must be sheer and no longer than mid-thigh.

We recognize that some men who would enjoy taking ballet avoid it because of the requirement to wear tights.  Our philosophy is that we’d rather see you IN class IN sweatpants than not in class at all.

Long hair must worn in a bun, or be pulled back and secured neatly away from the face. No loose/swinging ponytails.

No large or dangling jewelry or necklaces.

No black leather ballet shoes are allowed. (They mark the Marley floor)

Ballet shoes are the instrument of the dancer. It is imperative they fit properly. Do not allow “room to grow” as it will impede the progress of your young dancer’s training, and perhaps even lead to or cause injury. Please check with your instructor for guidance before purchasing new shoes as there are large differences between those sold in professional dancewear stores and mass merchandisers.

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