Studio Policies

No food, gum or drinks in the studio or dressing rooms. Students may have bottled water. There is no smoking anywhere in the studio.

Students should present a neat appearance at all times. This includes both hair and dress. Part of learning to dance is to present the proper appearance; this includes clothing that allows the teacher to see proper shape and placement of the body. No large or dangling jewelry may be worn in class.

Students and parents are responsible for checking bulletin boards and calendars frequently for important information, up coming events or programs.

A principle focus in the art of dance is discipline. Proper respect, courtesy and attention are expected. Parents are encouraged to discuss this rule with their children. Any child who disrupts class will be warned, and if behavior continues the child will be asked to leave class.

There will be times when the teachers will employ hands-on adjusting corrections to the students. These corrections are necessary to achieve proper alignment and placement

The Academy of Classical Ballet holds classes 6 days a week year-round with the following exceptions: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Independence Day and December 15 through January 1. All other non-holiday studio closings will be announced in advance.

Students must be technically ready to begin pointe work. For this reason, your teacher will determine whether you are ready to begin pointe work.

Children under 13 must stay inside the studio and be escorted outside by the person responsible for them.


Students are reminded of the importance of regular class attendance, and are expected and encouraged to attend class on a regular basis. Missed classes affect personal progress as well as class progress.

Students should arrive at the studio with ample time to change clothes, stretch, and prepare for class before class begins. Classes begin with warm-up exercises to prevent injuries that might result from cold muscles attempting the more difficult movements that follow.

Please notify the studio in the event of an illness. . Please notify us to arrange for a make-up if you miss class. Missed classes must be made up within one session or forfeited.

All fees are due in advance. Please do not pro-rate tuition for missed classes. No one may carry make-up classes into the next session unless their tuition for that session has been paid. Sorry, no refunds.

In case of inclement weather, please Check the Academy of Classical Ballet’s Private Facebook Group or call the studio to determine if classes have been cancelled.

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